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Jewellery Design and Manufacture

Qualifications available:

Jewellery Design and Manufacture subject information:

  • Jewellery Techniques I
    This subject provides a sound background of basic jewellery techniques. This knowledge is gained through the practical applications and theoretical principles involved in the manufacturing of items in non-ferrous metals and silver. Students will manufacture basic commercial jewellery as well as some creative projects.
  • Jewellery Techniques II
    In the second year, more complicated items will be manufactured in silver. These items would include own designed creative pieces, as well as more commercial pieces such as solitaire rings.
  • Jewellery Techniques III
    Students will be able to manufacture commercial pieces in various golds and in platinum. Although the focus of this year will be to improve commercial skills, the students will also manufacture creative pieces which will incorporate alternative materials.
  • Jewellery Design and Manufacture IV
    The students will design and manufacture pieces which will be linked to their research topic. A portfolio, as well as a collection of pieces, showcasing the outcomes of their research study, will be presented at the end of the year.
  • Jewellery Drawing I
    The basics of drawing, specifically related to jewellery, will be discussed. Areas covered by this subject include the drawing of various views of a jewellery piece and the rendering of jewellery.
  • Jewellery Drawing II
    The subject will focus more on the rendering of alternative materials in jewellery, and the drawing of more complicated designs, both creative and commercial. The year would also include the rendering of competition pieces and the drawing of the technical information in order to communicate their design successfully.
  • Jewellery Drawing III
    It is expected of the students, in their final year of study, to render jewellery pieces realistically and to relay the technical aspects of the design as well as possible through various views. Projects will include the rendering of commercial pieces (work integrated learning projects), various competition pieces and creative pieces.
  • Jewellery Design I
    This subject will focus on the principles of design in terms of line, balance and structure. Projects designed will include basic creative pieces (mostly based on historical cultures) and commercial pieces. The technical aspects of the designs must be explained through the technical drawings.
  • Jewellery Design II
    More complicated pieces are designed in this year and include creative and commercial projects as well as competition pieces. It is expected from the students to give an accurate description of the manufacturing processes as well as to understand the construction of the pieces.
  • Jewellery Design III
    It is expected of the students to develop their own style of design in this year and to design pieces that are unique as well as functional. Commercial (including the designing of a commercial range) and competition pieces will be designed, as well as contemporary jewellery items incorporating alternative materials. Rationales will explain the creative projects in terms of inspiration and design process.
  • Jewellery Theory I
    This consists of various subjects including Computer Literacy (where basic computer skills are learned), Studio Praxis (which involves the learning of basic studio and equipment upkeep, basic gemology and metallurgy). Jewellery History will focus on the general history of art and jewellery.
  • Jewellery Theory II
    Studio Praxis II will involve the teaching of more metallurgy and gemology, as well as basic business management. Jewellery History II would focus more on Western and Non-Western cultures, as well as important Jewellery Houses. Writing Skills will be introduced in this year.
  • Jewellery Theory III
    Studio Praxis III will relate more to acquiring job skills and give a more in-depth instruction on metallurgy and gemology. Jewellery History III will focus on contemporary jewellery and it is expected from the students to give a more critical assessment and analysis of jewellery in their Writing Skills subject.
  • Jewellery Theory IV
    Students are expected to write a research paper on a chosen field. The student must be able to demonstrate their research skills through supporting facts or statements, constructing an argument and demonstrating an appropriate contextual understanding of their research field.