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The painting course is cumulative, running over three years (National Diploma Fine Arts) or four years (B Tech Fine Arts). It is also possible to specialize in painting on a post-graduate level (M Tech Fine Arts). After the foundation year the student is expected to be able to manage the basic technical aspects of painting (ie. colour contrasts, colour mixing, paint application, layering, underpainting) and the formal aspects (ie. composition, visual awareness).

The second year starts with effective painting, introducing oil paint and revising effective ways of achieving interesting surfaces. Then the emphasis moves to experimentation, for example to spontaneous ways of approaching a painting / thinking about contemporary painting / exploring space in painting / postmodernism and painting / painting as installation / painting and new media. The student is expected to think about and explore alternative approaches to painting, in order to begin to establish his/her own personal approach. They are still expected to deliver end products of a high standard.

In the third year the student should develop a personal approach and his/her own processes, ideas and content, together with creative, technical and critical skills. The aim of the course is the achievement of an authentic, personal approach to artmaking through the medium of painting, that must be relevant to contemporary art and discourse.