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Renee Groenewald obtained a National Diploma in Art and Design ( Textile Design ) from the Technikon Pretoria in 1979. She obtained a BA Degree from the University of Pretoria in 1983. From 1992 - 1997, she was involved in organizing , co-ordinating and presenting art-related workshops for children, young adults and adults. In 1998 she was appointed as a part-time lecturer at the Department Textile Design and Technology, Technikon Pretoria

( currently known as Tshwane University of Technology ). She enrolled for her BTech studies during the same year, and obtained a BTech Textile Design and Technology degree in 1999. She has been employed as a full-time lecturer since 1999, and is involved in all the aspects covering the course, specializing in running the printing studio.

Renee Groenewald
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