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...................................... Art Theory

Art Theory focuses on creating an understanding of broad art historical principles, art concepts and analysis of art works. Through the history of art and a developing knowledge of the relationship between art theory and studio practice, a wide range of art historical and theoretical issues are highlighted.

First year Art Theory looks at the development and emergence of art over time and geographical space. It presents a chronological overview of art production from the prehistoric era to the more contemporary art making of the 20th century. The course also provides a grounding in the language of art which allows for the development of skills in students to analyse and contextualise artworks.

The second year theory course is structured to include discussions of the ideologies and approaches to Modernism as manifested in 20th century art movements. This course also includes a grounding in African and South African philosophical underpinnings of art making.

Third year focuses on postmodern art production and its concomitant dialogues and narratives. It concentrates on the transition from Modernism to Postmodernism and later includes a discourse of the Body as a sight/site. A second independent unit provides a broad overview of applied arts like ceramics and glass, in India, China and Japan.